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Hello, we have transferred files to the new machine and due to the server being Pixelmon, you have lost all your poke-mon's and inventory, well, there's a kit sorry, if me or any staff is on, please inform them of the pokemons's you had so we can refund you those item's and also in-game money.


Is the server going to be Premuim?
No the server will never be Premuim.

What's going to happen to Poke-Realms, alot of players quit...
Well, me and I_Hunt_Zombies, the OCGA Gaming Founder's, were going to focus on PR mainly for time's sake, We should regain our popularity in a week or so.

>>> Any change's to Poke-Realms? <<<

WELL YES... Huge change's will come to PR, were going to be keeping our cracked server being the only cracked pixelmon server on the web, mean's this is where cracked pixelmon player's come and play! BUT WAIT...

In order for us, to keep popularity and keep growing, were going to be releasing ANOTHER pixelmon server but that would be a premuim server that's a part of the Poke-Realms Network, so both Cracked and Premuim players can enjoy PR!

This is it for now, Thanks for your time.
~ HamraTime

Hello trainer's, the current host has got a bugged out already so were moving EVERYTHING to a much better host, will have less lag for the player's, the current host has broke due to a OS Update which we were not informed on not doing it. So when the server is backup, you'll have a /kit Sorry for the downtime.

~ HamraTime

Hello Trainers,
xSwifty here, just letting you all know whats going on;
Something has come up with the system and its seemed to bug out.
I'm currently repairing it, however no files will be lost.

This may take a day to accomplish, as something has been touched and has to be fixed.

Sorry about that.

- xSwiftyWolf
(Poke Realms is hosted off my company <www.tux2mc.com>)
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